Social Media Club Dallas – Chris Brogan

Had the opportunity to attend the Social Media Club Dallas January event with guest speaker Chris Brogan at the Angelika Dallas at Mockingbird Station.

I arrived early to help setup and do what I could to make the event a total success. Meet up with several of my friends @kfcatoe and @davidswinney. And very quickly the excitement was building with folks started arriving for the event.

In talking with the organizers, it was a sold out show with 200 people in attendance. Wow, how much Social Media geekiness can you fit in one room. It was awesome to see the number of well know social media leaders from the Dallas area all in one location.

I also had the opportunity to shake hands and chat with @chrisbrogan for a few minutes.

@mikedmerrill president of @smcdallas introduced @chrisbrogan and the event was on. I was being the true geek that I am and was tweeting highlights through out the lecture. After all this was an acceptable practice at an event like this.

Here are a few notes that I took:

  • We are all in customer service.
  • Networking is no longer passing business cards and shaking hands.
  • Experts say that we can only have a strong network of 150 people. We need to overlap our 150 people with other peoples networks and increase the strength and size of our networks.
  • Marketing should be made up of 2 parts helping, 2 parts connecting and 1 part selling.
  • Listening is a key part of being successful.
  • We should be like farmers… The look for ways to build and give back.
  • We should be spending 40% of our twitter time listening.
  • We should be making an effort to comment on other peoples blogs.
  • What can we do to give value prior to the sale?
  • We need to ask questions. Ask opinions. This helps us to listen and hear the needs of others.
  • LinkedIn is more than a job seeking tool. We need to write our profiles with a focus on the future and not the past.

@chrisbrogan suggested that we re-read Ogilvy on Advertising. He also mentioned that Guy Kawasaki’s site was a great source for information.

After the lecture, there was a tweetup next door at @Trinityhall where everyone went and packed the place for some great networking and Guinness drinking.

There was one other thing that happened that was a highlight of the evening. Once just about everyone cleared the Angelika, a couple of dozen of us were standing around chatting about the event. When from the next theater over out walked Jerry Jones and his wife. Yes the Dallas Cowboy’s Jerry Jones. He was pretty cool with it all and posed for several camera phone photos. I tried but the light was way to low for my iPhone to do much.

If you are interested in Social Media you need to check out the Social Media Club.

Until next time.

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