Digital Marketing

digital marketing hubWhat is Digital Marketing?

The marketing industry has been evolving over the past decade. Advertising and marketing is no longer focusing on magazine/newspaper ads, radio, TV and direct mail as the only way to build brand recognition and generate customers. Today Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Blogs are the digital media of marketing.

Building customer relationships is the most successful method of gaining and maintaining customers. It is all about building trust, engaging the customer and NOT the high pressure sells of days gone by.

The Website

Having a Website that clearly communicates a companies product or service is the center of the digital marketing hub. Driving traffic to the website is the heart of just about every marketing campaign today. Magazine ads, billboards, even QR Codes on the side of fire trucks is driving traffic to websites.

Visually with photos and the written word are the ways that we communicate our message to our visitors. Then taking the visitor on a journey through our website is the approach to engagement. Clearly defining a next step in the journey is key. When we get to the bottom of a page, is it clear where we want the potential customer to go next? Are we leaving a marketing bread crumbs to find the way on the website?

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are part of the new marketing that is happening today. Having consistent branding from the social media sites to your site is the next part of the big marketing picture. Coming up with an effective manor to engage and have conversations with your potential customers is one of the methods to use social media.

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Your website is built, your engaging customers on the various Social Media sites. But, how many visitors do you have coming to your site? How long are they staying on your site and what number of pages are they viewing? Are they finding the information they are seeking?

Analytics is an important part of website maintenance, which can provide all the answers to the above questions. And in addition, can provide you with detailed information about where they live, what device they used to visit your site and what page they left your site from.