DFW SEO – Presentation Notes

Tonight I had the opportunity to present to the Dallas Interactive Marketing & Internet SEO SEM Meetup.

As a independent consultant that provides SEO and Social Media Marketing, I am looking for ways to quantify my results with clients. Everyone wants to be at the top of the search results but can’t truly afford the time and effort that it takes to increase the SEO value and increase the results on Google and Bing.

The first tool that I use to quantify SEO value and effectiveness is Web Site Grader. With Web Site Grader, I am able to have a grade value of the site, all on a scale of 100. Not only does this site give the grade, it also gives suggestions on things that need to be improved. Image Alt Tags, Meta tags, age of domain and inbound links are taken into consideration.

Second, I showed the web site SpyFu.com, SpyFu is great for looking at the competition and what they are doing with PPC (Pay Per Click). I can see what campaigns they ran and get an overall impression of how they have been marketing them selves.

The third tool is a plug-in for FireFox called SEOQuake This tool allows me to look at the keywords and density of any page on the internet. This allows me to get a good over view of a competitors site and develop a list of keywords to start the process of SEO.

So what I am looking at with these tools is to evaluate the competition. Ultimately, we are wanting to one up our competitors and have more SEO Value that them. Look at there keywords, there current CPC campaigns and look at their scores. From there I will go into action to increase my clients SEO presence and have tools to see the effectiveness of my efforts.

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