Tips For Using LinkedIn Effectively #5

Personalize your Public Profile

The Public Profile is the URL that people can use to quickly get to your profile on LinkedIn. By default, it is a long alpha-numeric soup that is hard to type or worse verbally tell someone.

In my previous post I mention the need to develop strong branding for yourself with your profile. One of the ways we can do this is to update our Public Profile or more specifically, the URL that can be used to quickly access your profile on LinkedIn.

The default, like I mentioned before is a bit tough to memorize or for that mater type. Here is an example of this: (not a valid link to protect the innocent)

Once it has been edited and made a bit more personal, it is much easier to remember, here are a couple of examples: – simply using your name. – or use your branding name.

Now that you have a personalized URL or Public Profile, you can use this to make it easier for people to see your profile. Add this link to your signature line in your e-mails, add it to your business cards, put it on your blog profile, or add it to the links on your web site. I would however, not put it on my resume, but that is a another post.

Once you have your personalized Public Profile have fun using the address to increase your exposure to the market with an easier to read URL and stronger branding.

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