Tips For Using LinkedIn Effectively #4

Update your status/profile regularly

We have all received that weekly LinkedIn e-mail update and seen what has changed in your network. This could be a change to someones status, updated their experience or even updated their photo. Lets not over look this as a great resource for us to keep our network active and best of all communicate with our network. Why not take advantage of this free service of LinkedIn and get a little extra exposure for yourself in these e-mails that are sent to those in your network.

First lets look at how we can use this e-mail and or our home page to keep up with our network. Don’t just delete the e-mail when you see it arrive in your e-mail box. Take the time to do a quick review. Look for the opportunity where you could send a comment or congrats to a member of your network. This could be a new job, a promotion or any other information that is communicated via the status field.

The home page is also a great location to monitor the same details but can be reviewed at anytime. And best of all is constantly being updated as the members of your network make changes to their profiles.

Up to this point we have looked at how you can monitor your network. Now lets look at how you can stay on the radar of your network and become a common person on the e-mails and home pages of those in your network. It all boils down to updating your profile regularly. Make some kind of change every couple of days.

Updating your status is the easiest since it doesn’t require navigating through several pages to make a change. It is also the first thing you see in the e-mail or on the home page. This update could be as easy as copying the current status and pasting in the edit field.

Other updates could be simply adding a space or other character to the end of an item in your profile. Then a couple of days later you could back and remove the change you made.

On a side note, I am regularly asked what should I say in my status. Think of the status field as a way to communicate professionally what you are doing or what you are needing help with. When I was looking for a new job, I would post that I was looking for my next great career opportunity in the internet SEO and SEM field. I would also regularly post when I was looking into a given company to see if anyone had info or knew someone.

A really powerful way to use the status field is to develop a strong branding statement and post that statement. Use it to create buzz around who and what you do. You never know when you will have some one contact you based on your status. It worked for me when a clients spouse saw my status and contacted me to do work for them.

Make use of the weekly e-mail and home page updates on LinkedIn to stay visible and communicate with your network. Take the time to review the e-mail or your home page to keep your network active. After all networking is a lifetime activity and LinkedIn is a great tool to help this process.

Next time we will be looking at personalizing your Public Profile URL on LinkedIn.

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