Tips For Using LinkedIn Effectively #3

Smile for the camera.

Having that great professional portrait of yourself in your LinkedIn profile is a great idea. It allows your connections at minimum to see your face and keep that mental connection between your face and your name. If nothing else it allow you to reach 100% complete for your profile (it is worth 5%).

Lets say you have a great picture of you and your spouse on your profile. This is great except, your name is Pat. If you do have this situation you will want to make use of the photo editing options in LinkedIn. After all, most don’t have Photoshop around to do some serious image manipulation.

Navigate to the My Profile Photo option in the Settings. Next, click the Edit Photo link under your photo. The next window that opens, will be a copy of your photo with a yellow box around a portion of the image. This yellow box can be used to crop and define the exact area of the image you would like to use. Note the yellow square in the lower right corner allows you to change the size of the box. This will allow you to crop out your spouse, yes they will understand.

If you happen to be prematurely gray or, like me, loosing the mullet in the bad way where it is falling out. No I did not have a mullet, so get that image out of your head. There are instances that you may not want to put your mug up for your profile. How about using your alumni logo from college. Or maybe a logo associated to a certification that you have obtained. Or if you want to be real anonymous, create a simple white box that is 2″ square and use that.

What ever you use as your photo, you want it to be professional. The great photo of you in the swim suit on the beach in Hawaii is a great memory, but unless you are a Pool Service Technician it will not work for a Marketing professional.

Another thing to keep in mind with regards to your photo is privacy. Some of us may be concerned about putting to much information out there. If you don’t want all 50 Million LinkedIn users to see your photo you will want to adjust the settings that you have. Again take a look at the My Profile Photo settings and adjust the setting for who your photo is visible too.

The first option is My Connections, these are the people that you have a one to one connection with. The second option is My Network, there are all your connections and their connections out to the 3 degrees of separation.

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