Tips For Using LinkedIn Effectively #1

We have all heard that it is not what we know but who we know. Today networking is even more important since most people are not landing career opportunities from posting a resume on the major job boards or reading the newspapers classified ads. It is also known that only 30% to 40% of jobs are posted anywhere.

LinkedIn is a significant tool in the world of networking and today I would like to share with you a number of tips for using LinkedIn as a powerful networking tool. So over the next week or so I will be posting a series on

Make it easy for people to connect with you.

LinkedIn uses your e-mail address as the key to making connections with people. Why not make it very easy for people to make contact with you by placing your e-mail address at the end of your professional headline, AKA your title. Yes, you may have your e-mail in the e-mail field of your profile, but this is at the bottom of your profile.

An alternate to the Professional Headline would be to put it at the beginning of your summary.

Next time we will be talking about ways to avoid making it obvious how old you are.

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