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SEO and the Job Hunt…

On Tuesday, May 18th I had the opportunity to speak at the CareerConnection “Hire DFW First” Symposium at the Addison Conference Center. Below are a few notes from my presentation.

With the limited number of jobs and the high number of candidates, it is critical to have your Resume and LinkedIn profiles optimized for keywords which will increase the chances of being selected as a candidate.

As you may be aware when looking for a job you are now a sales and marketing professional. You are now the product you are selling and need to market yourself to be know. One of the task that we need to do in this role is to now our market and who our competition is.

First, we need to define a list of 10 keywords that help define what we do. My list is something like this:
SEO, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEM, analytics

Once you have a list of your keywords, run a few searches on LinkedIn and identify the top 10 in your field. Review their profiles and look for terms that help in increasing your value.

While you are looking at the search results, see if you can find yourself. If you are not in the first couple of pages, you need to increase your keyword usage. Narrow your search to your local area. You can also change the relevance to keywords and have a broader result.

The quantity of keywords on your LinkedIn Profile and your resume is the key. You have to have one more instance of your keyword and you will be above the rest of your field.

For your LinkedIn profile, the Professional Headline, Summary, Specialties and all job titles are the key fields when search. Go through all these fields and add instances of your keywords. Don’t forget that you can use parentheses to add more value as a definition to the job title.

Keep tweaking your keyword count till you are at the top of your field. At that time you will see inquiries about your skills and request for interviews increase.

Keywords are king, the one with the most wins. Know your competition and you will be on top of your market.

Tips For Using LinkedIn Effectively #10

Making Connections With People

When it gets down to the root use of LinkedIn, its making connections with people. My philosophy with establishing connections is pretty simple. If I’ve meet you through networking, I will connect with you on LinkedIn. I do have one requirement, when you ask to link with me you have to state were we meet.

If you have been using LinkedIn for a while you have seen that there is no way to delete messages that you have received. Your only option is to archive the messages to remove them from your Inbox. I mention this to explain why I request that you tell me where I meet you. It allows me to go back at anytime and search my Inbox for people that I meet at a specific event. What a great way to recall how you met someone when that name is on the tip of your tongue.

So lets talk about the options that you have when connecting with people. The key as you may know, is knowing someone’s e-mail address in most cases. Connections or links are defined by how you know the connection. These connections are Classmate, We’ve done business together, Friend, Group and I don’t know… All of these options require a sub selection with the exception of Friend and I don’t know…

I find for most of the connections that I do, that I use the Other option. This option requires an e-mail to complete the connection. Secondarily, I make a lot of my connections via the Group option.

The personal note section is where we can type a personal note to the person that we are wanting to connect with. I always encourage making the note personal. Again, tell them where we meet them this makes it easier for the other person to recall where they meet you. After all not all of us have photographic memory and remember everyone’s name and face.

Every now and then, you may be wanting to connect with someone that you don’t have their e-mail address or have a direct way to connect with them. This is when you may need to reach out using your network to get in contact with someone. This generally happens when someone is two degrees of separation from you. At this point you will be required to connect with someone that would act as a middleman. You will be required to not only type a note to the person you are trying to connect with, but you will also have the opportunity to send a note to the middleman. Please note that both notes will be seen by all parties. So keep the note to your networked acquaintance professional.

When establishing this multi-degree connection, it will take sometime and require the middle man to forward the request. When typing your notes, tell everyone why you are wanting to establish the connection.

If you are ever in a position that you are unable to find a way to connect with someone, remember to Google them by name and company. You never know, you might find their e-mail address in this manor.

In summary, tell everyone how you know them when establishing a connection. Know the people that you connect with. Do your part in helping to establish connections between people.

Next time we will be moving away from LinkedIn and start looking at tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Tips For Using LinkedIn Effectively #9

The Art of Giving and Receiving Recommendations

Recommendations are way to give and receive feed back from coworkers, managers, clients and others that you have the opportunity to work with during your career. A common recommendation may be a manager giving a recommendation for a current or past employee.

The recommendation could be worded something like this:

“John is one of the more innovative and productive people that I have had the pleasure of working with. John’s direct role was the manager of our Graphics and Marketing Department, but his strong abilities and teamwork attitude led him into involvement in many more areas of the company. His technical and organizational skills are excellent, and applicable to many things. John’s high moral values and cooperative spirit gained him respect throughout our entire organization. I would strongly recommend John to any future employer, and I hope I get the opportunity to work with him again.”

Recommendations are associated to a specific company or listing in your work experience. I regularly speak with groups of pre-employed individuals and as a way to fill the gap in there experience, I will recommend that they list volunteer activities, these volunteer while are not a paying gig does allow for some great opportunities to receive recommendations.

One nice thing about recommendations on LinkedIn is that you have total control of what is displayed through an approval process. This approval process allows you to make sure that everything is spelled correctly and that it is painting you in a good light.

Another feature of the approval or the Management of your recommendations is that you can hide recommendations at will. This allows you to change up what people are seeing about you and may allow you to put your strongest foot forward with the best of your recommendations.

When you receive a recommendation, you can’t edit a recommendation, but it is quite acceptable to return a recommendation to the person that sent it and ask them to fix a problem. Or I like to select the text, make the changes and send it back to ask that they re-post the recommendation. I have on occasion, even rewritten a recommendation to have a stronger branding of my abilities and add needed keywords to increase the overall value of the recommendation.

One of the most common questions that I am asked is, “does the person giving the recommendation have to be on LinkedIn?” Yes both parties have to be on LinkedIn for this to work.

What is the value of recommendations on your profile? This allows people or more specifically recruiters to see what others are saying about your abilities. And from the other perspective, it allows them to see what you say about others. What this boils down to is that it is good to not just receive, but to also give recommendations.

There are a number of opinions when it comes to reciprocating recommendations. You may be thinking, this person gave me a recommendation so I am now obligated to give them one. My thought on this is when someone gives me a recommendation, I like to wait a week or so to give them one back. This way you have a chance to think about what you could say and not have the instant reaction to their recommendation. It allows for your follow up recommendation to have a bit more validity.

So how do you ask for recommendations? I personally look for opportunities where someone thanks me for doing something for them. I will also use it as a way to help with customer service in my business. After completing a project for a client. I will mention that I would appreciate their feed back on LinkedIn in the form of a recommendation.

Next time we will be looking at adding to your network with invites. Until then, I would love to have your feed back on this blog. Let me know how I can help you more. Or if you have any questions that I can answer or even add as a topic for a future post. Interaction with an audience is what makes a blog a success.

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Tips For Using LinkedIn Effectively #8

Groups are the bomb…

One of the things that I enjoy using in LinkedIn is the Groups. In the Groups, you can do additional networking with people that have common interest. And best of all, you have the opportunity to post and respond to messages that are specific to that group.

Lets first define what Groups are. First off, Groups are made by users of LinkedIn. Anyone can create a group even you and I. So if you want to create a group for Breeding Goldfish for Fun and Profit, you can do that. Groups are a great way to talk and connect with others with like interest.

Lets focus more on how we can use groups to our advantage. First lets look at finding a group that we may want to join. Using the Search option at the top of any screen in LinkedIn , you are able to search for any keyword or topic that you may have interest in. Everything from Abacus to Zooligy there is probably a group on the topic.

Many times you may find a number of groups for a given topic. Here is where you have to look at the value of a group. Look at the number of participants that are in the group. If you have a couple of good fits, join both and get a feel for the topics that are discussed. If after a week or so you see one group is better than the other, you can unsubscribe from the unwanted group.

One thing you will want to do is keep the groups that you are members of relevant to your professional branding. So you may not want to join groups for political, religious, or others that are controversial in a corporate environment.

Once you have joined a group or groups, you are able to start posting and answering questions. This is a great opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your area of interest or expertise.

A hidden gem that is part of being members of groups is that you now have access to the membership list for the group. You can access this from the More > Members secondary menu when you are on the page for a specific group. Here you will find the complete list for all the members in that group. Once viewing the Members list, you are able to search the members of the group for specific keywords.

When searching within the Members list you could look for contacts at specific companies for that you may be targeting for a work search or sales opportunity.

Groups allow us to add a whole new dimension to our networking with professionals in our area of interest. By responding to post we can establish our expertise in a given subject. Then using the members list we can find people in our area within companies that we may be wanting to connect with.

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Tips For Using LinkedIn Effectively #7

Using Apps to add interest to your profile.

Each week I look at a lot of profiles and after a while they all start to look a like. They all have a photo, a summary and work experience. All of this information is a lot like reading through a stack of 100 resumes. A little on the dry reading side.

What can we do to add a little bling to our profiles? Thanks to LinkedIn for opening the doors in early 2009 to 3rd party developers, which allows for extended functionality to be added to our profiles.

Lets look at a few of these third party add-on tools and talk about ways that you might use them to add additional interest in who you are.

The first that I like to recommend is the Reading List by Amazon. With this application, you can show your business focus and show that you are looking to improve your knowledge through reading. Or if you are a technology geek, that you have all the latest toys like the Amazon Kindle.

Use the reading list to make a list of recent books that you have read or would like to read. If you have read something, add a comment about what you read. However, you may not want to list the latest Zane Grey novel that you read. While it may have been a good read, it is not promoting your business focus.

Also use this reading list to help you open doors with people. Lets say you are getting ready to meet with someone for the first time. Take a look at their profile and see what they have read. Use that to help get the conversation relaxed and moving.

Another application that I like to add to my profile is the app. This application allows you to add any file to your profile. This would be great if say you were a creative writer or a graphic artist. You could place samples of your work or your portfolio on your profile. allows you to also organize the files by creating sub-folders for the various needs that you may have. You may create a folder for presentations, Writing, PDFs or maybe a version of your resume.

Another handy application is SlideShare. Slide share allows you to take any PowerPoint presentation and add it as a self-running movie in your profile. So if you happen to be in a position where you are doing a lot of PowerPoint work, you might add a sample using this.

Or how about this option, create a 12 to 15 slide presentation about you. Use this as a way to sell yourself and tell people why they should hire you if you are looking for a job.

There are many other applications that you can add to your profile. There is one for Events, Blogging, Polls and Twitter. All of these applications allow you to add additional interest to who you are and best of all take your profile to the next level.

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